Etch A Sketch reborn on iPhone

Ohio Art's classic Etch A Sketch toy has come to the iPhone, thanks to the efforts of developers Freeze Tag. It's a $4.99 software toy available through the App Store that runs on iPhones and iPod touches running iPhone 2.0 software.

Etch a Sketch
The Etch a Sketch has been reborn as a $4.99 app for your iPhone or iPod touch.
Etch A Sketch for iPhone and iPod touch features finger-touch drawing, coloring options, shape creation and photo import and export—all capabilities that the original toy lacks. But the familiar up-down left-right knob controls are there, and if you want to start over, it's just the same—just grab your iPhone or iPod touch and shake to erase the image. You can also add text and captions, and send your finished work to friends.

Look for Etch a Sketch in the Games Section.

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