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iEnvision ($10, Open Door Networks) is a tough app to describe, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s basically a tool to help you organize and view related images from the internet with a slideshow interface. The main screen in iEnvision displays a list of groups, covering topics such as art, astronomy, comic strips (many many many comic strips), news, and even USA national parks.

Enter one of the topic areas, and you’ll see all the entries in that topic. Click into USA National Parks, for instance, and you’ll see Acadia, Arches, Badlands, Big Bend, etc. Click into one of those entries, and the slideshow starts. While viewing a slideshow, you can pivot your iPhone, and zoom in and out on the images via pinch and drag motions. A toolbar lets you manually page through the slides, and a globe icon will take you to the source web page (in Safari) for the currently displayed image.

You can also add your own groups—I was able to add a page of images from my personal blog, for instance, that then appeared in a My Groups section of the group list. If you’re into comics, there’s a huge collection included with iEnvision, and paging through the day’s comics using its interface is much nicer than browsing through multiple websites to accomplish the same task.

There are also settings for iEnvision, which you’ll find in your iPhone’s Settings panel, that control things such as the transition between images, the duration of each image, and other such control items.

If you love browsing images on the web, you’ll probably love iEnvision, too.

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