LivePresets allows interactive object editing in Illustrator

A new Adobe Illustrator plugin released by Artlandia lets users interactively edit multiple objects from a single source in Adobe’s graphics application.

LivePresets aims to increase productivity and open new possibilities for using repeating design elements by introducing a variety of live, editable presets for Illustrator.

The plug-in allows users to edit a single copy of a symbol and apply those edits to all copies of that symbol. Similarly, LivePresets allows for the editing and interactive modifications to their provided pattern swatches. It also allows users to instantly link and unlink their artwork.

The plugin also adds unlimited snapshots to Illustrator’s Symbol and Swatches palettes. Users can also draw freehand and instantly add new art to the swatch or symbol using the Target with Drawing Tools mode.

Artlandia says the $125 plugin is compatible with all Mac operating systems, including Mac OS 8 and 9 in addition to OS X 10.1 and higher. While LivePresets requires Illustrator 10 or later, Artlandia recommends Illustrator CS2 or CS3.

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