CalDigit ships RAID card

CalDigit has announced that it is shipping its RAID card for PCI Express (PCIe)-equipped Macs. The new card costs $549.

The CalDigit RAID card works on both Macs and PCs running either Windows or Linux, and can also operate in a Boot Camp-environment, according to CalDigit. The card can support up to four internal drives using two x4 internal Mini-SAS connectors, and can works with another 12 drives externally using three x4 external Mini-SAS interfaces.

Powered by an Intel XScale processor, the card features 256MB of on-board cache. It supports RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 6 and JBOD — Just a Bunch of Disks.

The card optionally supports battery backup. It also comes with software to help you monitor disk operations, controller cache, fan, temperature and power supply conditions.

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