MailSite Fusion 9 vetted for iPhone use

MailSite Software on Wednesday announced that it has tested and verified MailSite Fusion 9 for use with the iPhone 3G, original iPhone with upgraded 2.0 software, and iPod touch with 2.0 software installed.

MailSite Fusion 9 is e-mail, calendar and contact server with over-the-air push to all types of smartphones, an AJAX-based Web client and a calendar-sharing server.

The new version 9 release has a built-in ActiveSync server. ActiveSync is Microsoft's over-the-air synchronization technology used in Exchange; it's also licensed by third-party companies like MailSite for use in their own server products.

MailSite Fusion SE 9 is priced starting at $495 per year for 20 users.

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