FMPro Migrator adds Bento-to-FileMaker converter

FMPro Migrator, an application for converting and moving FileMaker Pro databases into other formats, has added support for Bento, FileMaker’s personal database program.

Bento, a consumer-level database released earlier this year, lets users manage contacts, coordinate events, and track projects. The program is aimed at handling data that’s too complex for a spreadsheet but doesn’t require the full capabilities of a high-end database.

FMPro Migrator from .Com Solutions, migrates FileMaker Pro databases and stand-alone files to other programs including MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, and FrontBase.

The latest version, FMPro Migrator 4.36, adds a Bento-to-FileMaker conversion feature. According to .Com Solutions, FMProMigrator converts Bento forms into layouts which can be pasted directly into FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced. The newly created layouts include the fields, field labels, highlighting, header title graphic, colors, and background pattern similar to the original Bento form. Related records, with URL, e-mail, and instant-messaging info, are displayed within FileMaker portals on the new layout.

FMPro Migrator 4.36 is a free update for existing users. FMPro Migrators cost $100 per user; the single-user license of the tool includes a copy for both the OS X and Window platforms.

Updated on August 1 to correct the description of FMPro Migrator, which is a stand-alone application.

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