TuneCast Auto FM transmitter works with iPhone 3G

Belkin has announced that its TuneCast Auto iPod FM transmitter has been vetted for use with the iPhone 3G. It costs $79.99. The TuneCast Auto has received Apple’s “Works with iPhone” certification, according to Belkin.

TuneCast Auto
The TuneCast Auto has been vetted for use with the iPhone by Apple, according to Belkin.
Equipped with a 30-pin interface that attaches to the dock connector on iPods and the iPhone, the TuneCast Auto enables you to transmit audio through your car’s FM radio.

Features include “ClearScan” technology, which automatically seeks out the best FM frequency to use. It also includes a line-out connection to attach to a car stereo input (if so equipped), cassette adapter or other interface. Audio volume level is optimized, and a power cord charges your iPod or iPhone’s battery as well. The design also lets you control playlists directly from an inline remote.

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