Apple gives iPhone devs daily app stats

In a move to help companies follow their sales and perhaps calm some disgruntled iPhone developers, Apple is now providing daily statistics that can be downloaded or viewed on the Web.

Several developers Macworld spoke with confirmed receiving the stats, which gives them sales per day or per week, broken down by country of sale and SKU. While the sales stats are helping, they aren’t quite where developers want them yet.

“It’s definitely more useful than no data (which was ridiculous), but the reports are a bit sparse at the moment,” said one developer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

For instance, the developer said that if you want the total sales of a particular product on any given day or week, you have to manually add up the sales from every country.

With such stiff competition in the App Store, developers want the sales stats to adjust pricing or generally track how their applications are doing.

The new reports are certainly a step in the right direction for Apple in working with its iPhone developers.

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