Two-drive storage enclosure doesn’t need tools

Sans Digital has introduced the TS2UT, a new external two-bay storage tower with RAID capabilities. It’s priced starting at $119.

The TS2UT accepts two 3.5-inch drive mechanisms.
The TS2UT connects to a host Mac or PC using USB 2.0 or external Serial ATA (eSATA, supported on tower Macs using an eSATA controller card). Inside the enclosure are two bays that accommodate 3.5-inch hard disk drives up to 1 terabytes in capacity each, for a total of 2TB of combined capacity.

The storage system handles RAID Levels 0 and 1, JBOD by port multiplier and BID (spanning) configurations. LED indicators on the front panel indicate the device’s status and the drives’ status. Each bay opens up to accept the drive without requiring you to use any tools to get inside.

Sans Digital sells the TS2UT with or without hard drives.

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