Mac-based weather station adds barometric sensor

Onset Computer, makers of the Mac-based HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring System and HOBO Station products, on Monday announced a new Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor for use with those systems. It costs $249.

Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor
Onset's Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor measures from 660 mb to 1070 mb.
The device sports a weatherproof housing and can be mounted outside of the weather station enclosure. It doesn’t require any complicated wiring or programming to work — it’s automatically recognized by a HOBO U30 system. It can register barometric pressure readings from 660 mb to 1,070 mb.

The HOBO U30 enables Mac users to measure temperature, air pressure, carbon dioxide levels and other environmental factors using a variety of plug-and-lay sensors. The sensor data can be transmitted wirelessly over Wi-Fi or over a GSM cell phone network.

Zip ties are included for mounting the barometric sensor on a mast. It can also be mounted on a flat surface with screws (holes are already pre-drilled).

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