Freeway 5.2 adds iPhone functions

Softpress on Tuesday announced the release of Freeway 5.2, an update to its visual Web design software for Mac OS X. It’s a free upgrade for registered 5.x users; Freeway costs $249.

Freeway helps users build Web site designs using page layout-style tools. It offers Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support, multiple master pages, transformation, zoom, guide and ruler features, a link map feature that shows you hyperlinks nested within a site, graphic box effects, sliced background images and more. It comes in both Pro and Express versions.

Freeway 5.2 adds mail links, phone links, map links and YouTube links for iPhone users, and automatically creates different versions of the same movie files for viewing on iPhones with EDGE, iPhones with WiFi and 3G, and for regular desktop computers. Also new in 5.2 is a homescreen icon.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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