Konami brings Frogger to iPhone and iPod touch

Konami Digital Entertainment on Wednesday announced the release of Frogger for iPhone and iPod touch. It costs $9.99.

Frogger is a reworking of the classic coin-op game from the 1980s, now designed to take advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch’s Multi-Touch interface and accelerometer.

In Frogger, your goal is to get a frog back home by avoiding obstacles. You have to get him across a busy highway teeming with fast-moving cars and trucks, then get him across a fast-flowing stream chock-full of turtles that submerge, floating logs that might occasionally be home to frog-eating snakes and other pitfalls. Every time you guide five frogs to the other side you win the level.

Frogger works with iPhone and iPod touch systems equipped with iPhone 2.0x software.

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