Best Buy to start selling the iPhone 3G in September

Best Buy will become the first U.S. retail chain outside of Apple and AT&T to sell the iPhone 3G, an Apple spokesperson confirmed to Macworld on Tuesday.

First reported by The Associated Press, Best Buy will start selling the iPhone on September 7 in 970 full-size stores and 16 smaller Best Buy Mobile stores. Apple has an existing relationship with Best Buy, which now sells Macs and iPods in 570 of its stores.

As with an Apple or AT&T retail store, you'll need to set up your wireless service plan with AT&T when you purchase an iPhone in Best Buy.

On July 11, Apple released the iPhone 3G, the iPhone software 2.0, and the App Store. The company sold more than one million iPhone 3G units in the first three days it was available. The App Store has similar success, launching with more than 500 applications and racking up more than 10 million downloads in the first three days.

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