CommuniGate adds video mail to Pronto client

CommuniGate Systems has announced the release of Pronto 2.2, an update to its “unified communications client” for Macs and PCs.

Developed using Adobe’s Flex 3 technology, Pronto is an Internet communications client that runs in the Web browser using Adobe Flash Player, or on the desktop using Adobe Interactive Runtime (AIR). It’s aimed at service providers who leverage CommuniGate’s technology to provide their clients with Internet communications capabilities using “Software as a Service” as a model.

Pronto 2.2 adds features including “VideoMail,” which enables users to record video and send a unique URL to share the video with e-mail recipients; the ability to merge calendar information when it’s shared as a .ics or .ical file, and import contact information stored in vCard format; additional Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities, including automatic searches; support for Safari and Firefox VoIP communication on the Mac; the ability to share private folders or files with other users using a secure link; and more.

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