Box Office returns to the App Store

Ten days ago, developer Cyrus Najmabadi’s Box Office application was taken off the App Store under somewhat mysterious circumstances. As of Thursday morning the application has returned to the store.

While the developer is happy about the return of the application, he didn’t give a reason for why the application had been removed from the store in the first place. He did say that he spoke with someone at Apple that helped him with the situation.

Najmabadi also indicated that he will be releasing Box Office 1.3, fixing bugs related to network traffic. “That means that you’ll sync less and get the data you care about faster than before. This will be a plus for everyone, but will especially benefit edge users and those with spotty connections,” said Najmabadi.

He is also working on improved theater coverage in the U.S. and global coverage, but there was no word on when that would arrive.

Box Office gives you the ability to read movie reviews, locate theaters, find show times and purchase.

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