Mercury Elite-AL Pro drive upped to 2TB

Other World Computing (OWC) on Thursday announced a new model of its Mercury Elite-AL Pro USB 2.0 Dual-Drive Storage Solution. The device is now available in 2.0 terabyte (TB) capacities for $419.99 and $439.99.

The Mercury Elite Al-Pro combines two internal hard disk drives that can be configured in a software-based RAID array. The drive features an industrial design that complements Apple's pro chassis designs. It sports two USB 2.0 powered hub ports on its backplane, along with a USB 2.0 Type B uplink port. Another USB 2.0 powered hub port sits on the front, near an LED indicator and USB backup button.

The 2.0TB configuration is available in two different models. Both come equipped with a combined 64MB of data buffer (across two mechanisms); the model equipped with 5400RPM mechanisms costs $419.99, while the model equipped with 7200RPM mechanisms cost $439.99.

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