BurnAgain FS improves large file handling

Freeridecoding on Friday announced the release of BurnAgain FS 1.0.3, an update to their CD and DVD data burning software for Mac OS X. A free update for registered users, BurnAgain FS costs $23.

What makes BurnAgain FS different from built-in system disc burning is that it lets you change the content of a data CD or DVD using the Finder. You can remount the disc like a hard drive volume and add or remove files, edit and change file contents, too. Disks burned using BurnAgain FS are readable without requiring different software.

New to the 1.0.3 release is improved handling of large files. What's more, the software now supports Leopard's Quicklook feature and Finder Preview on BurnAgain FS volumes. A fix has been made for issues occurring when using multiple devices.

BurnAgain FS requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and an Apple-supported CD or DVD burner. A trial version is available.

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