Corkboard data management software adds visual history

Ayluro on Wednesday announced the release of Corkboard 1.1, an update to their data management software for Mac OS X. It costs $12.99, and upgrades for registered users are free. A demo is also available.

Corkboard lets you drag and drop data, where it will be kept for safekeeping regardless of whether you quit an application, save your documents, quit, reboot the Mac or crash. You simply drag the data back out when you need it. It lets you arrange any type of data any way you need it. The developer bills Corkboard as �Time Machine for your train of thought.�

Ayluro likens its CorkBoard utility to

Corkboard 1.1 now adds a major new feature, the visual Clipboard History. It keeps track of the last eight pieces of data copied to the clipboard. The developer has also made several bug fixes.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.5.4 or later.

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