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I love my iPhone 3G. It works well for phone calls, fast Internet surfing, and of course running the variety of applications that can be installed from the App Store. That is, it did work until I installed Apple’s recent software update.

Apple says the iPhone software 2.0.2 update improves 3G communications, but it turned my iPhone into a beautifully designed device that drops more calls than it did before. I was on an important conference call yesterday and the iPhone dropped me four times.

That’s not the only time either. I was on a couple of calls with friends and it routinely dropped those calls too. At one point, I hopped in my car and drove around to see if that would help any—it didn’t.

I hardly know what to think about what happened the past couple of days. The week I first got the iPhone, I was in Los Angeles and it worked great. MobileMe worked, the iPhone worked, and I was in gadget heaven.

I even got angry e-mails from readers telling me I must have the only iPhone in North America that worked. Sadly, now I am among those who are afraid to answer my phone because I'm worried it will drop the call.

At this point, I’m willing to try almost anything to get my phone back in working order again.

My long time friend and ZDNet writer Joe Wilcox had the same problems I’m going through except with the iPhone software 2.0.1 update. He restored his iPhone, using the updated software, and everything has been good for him. Maybe I’ll try that.

Whatever the problem is, I hope Apple gets a fix for it soon because this is driving me crazy.

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