Gluon releases ProPack 8 for QuarkXPress

Gluon has updated its bundle of QuarkXPress XTensions, which are now compatible with QuarkXPress 8.

ProPack 8 includes several new XTensions and updated features including ProScale, which allows users to scale drop shadows; ImageGrid 8 gives users the ability to create contact sheets and catalogs of images with folders; TableMaker 8 is a new tool to format tables using tabbed text or table cells; QC 8, is a Quality Control tool that finds and fixes problems; and NaviZoom is a zoom and navigation tool that also allows clean previews of pages or spreads and can also show document as slide show.

Other ProPack XTensions updated for this release include Cropster, iDropper, Cloner, Greeker, Linkster, ProGrids & Guides, ProBullets & Numbers, Reporter, ShapeMaker, SpotCheck and Strata.

ProPack costs $219. Upgrades from ProPack 6.x or 7.x are $129; the update is free to those that bought ProPack 7 since June, 2008.

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