Bayhoff Software hits App Store with 3 iPhone apps

Bayhoff Software has announced its entry into the iPhone application market with three apps you can purchase and download from the App Store—iStartup, ListCalc and TouchFonts.

iStartup is a $1.99 application that shows you the key combinations to use on your Mac to remember various "vulcan nerve pinch" key commands to use when starting up your Macintosh—resetting NVRAM and PRAM for example, bypassing your primary startup volume, ejecting removable media at startup and more.

ListCalc, also priced at $1.99, is a calculator tht displays a list of all the numbers you have previously entered, like a paper tape. You can add, remove or modify numbers as needed, and find the average or total.

TouchFont, priced at $0.99, lists every font that comes loaded on your iPhone or iPod touch. Fonts are grouped by family, and the lists enable you to view each font using several different character sets.

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