XChange ships three XTensions for QuarkXPress 8

XChange released three plug-ins for QuarkXPress 8 on Tuesday. The XTensions released are Resize XT, TeXTractor, and MathMagic Pro.

Resize XT allows users to select a group of page elements and scale them to a specified percentage, maintaining the aspect ratio. You can also choose two different percentages and fit the elements disproportionately if you like. Graphics, font sizes, text indents, border widths and line thickness scale automatically along with the selected text and graphic boxes, the company said.

TeXTractor is a text extraction tool that lets users export all of the text in a Quark document or just selected portions of the text using any text filter currently available to QuarkXPress.

MathMagic Pro gives users an interface to add and edit equations inside a QuarkXPress document.

All XTensions are available immediately. Pricing for upgrades and volume purchases are available from the Web site.

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