Musinaut unveils interactive digital audio format

Musinaut has introduced a new digital audio format called MXP4 (Multiplied Experience Platform in 4D) that will allow musicians to be more interactive with their fans.

MXP4 is not a compression technology, but rather a multi-layered format that allows the creator to embed extra content with their music. For instance, an artist could include multiple versions of the song, graphics, text, lyrics, upcoming tour dates and insights from the artists into the writing of the song.

Musinaut CEO Trish Thomson explained that the company created as open a format as possible so musicians could make the songs interactive. Even things like guitar chords could be included or a karaoke version of the song.

The MXP4 product suite is made up of two components: the MXP4Creator, which is available for artists and musicians, and the MXP4Player, which is designed for use by listeners.

The creator tool costs $399 and the player, for fans, is free from the company’s Web site.

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