NetShred X security software improves browser support

Mireth Technology on Wednesday announced the release of NetShred X, its security software that deletes your “Internet tracks” from your Mac. A free update for version 4 users, NetShred X 4.2 costs $24.95.

NetShred X erases files used by Web browsers and e-mail programs that can provide a curious user with information about what Web sites you’ve visited and what data you’ve touched. It erases those temporary files that some applications use. NetShred X runs automatically without user intervention and operates in the background.

New to the 4.2 release is support for Firefox 3, Camino 1.6, Omniweb 5.7, iCab 4.1, Opera 9.5 and SeaMonkey 1.0.

System requirements call for Mac OS X.

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