Revolution 3.0 development software coming Monday

Runtime Revolution has announced the release of Revolution 3.0, the latest major iteration of its natural language software development environment for the Mac and other platforms. It’s available for from prices ranging from $49 to $499 depending on features.

Revolution uses an English-like language and sports features like vector graphics and support for popular image formats; a full Internet library and embedded Web page rendering, support for SQL databases; sound, video and multimedia support; and the ability to convert and run HyperCard.

New features in the 3.0 release include an all-new Script Editor, new Start Center, new Resource Center, overhauled documentation, support for nested (or multi-dimensional) arrays, new gradient fill support, improvements to graphic object handling, better image rotation, menu acceleration support and more than 150 bug fixes and other minor enhancements.

Revolution 3.0 comes in three “flavors” — Revolution Media, aimed at beginners and hobbyists, for $49; Revolution Studio, designed for consultants and business managers, for $249; and Revolution Enterprise, a professional programming tool, priced at $499. A free trial version is available for download.

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