Spanning Sync 2.0 adds contact syncing

Synchronizing your calendars and contacts with Google just got a bit easier with the release of Spanning Sync 2.0.

Spanning Sync is a utility that allows users to sync their iCal calendars and Address Book contacts with Google. In addition to numerous bug fixes and other improvements, Spanning Sync 2.0 also includes some significant new features.

The most important new feature is the ability to sync contacts and contact photos with Google. Syncing is also done as changes are made in iCal or Address Book. In other words, Spanning Sync no longer waits to sync at a specified interval.

Network performance of syncing has been improved, as well as support for syncing large numbers of contacts and large calendars. Compatibility with multi-Mac configurations and Apple’s MobileMe has been improved in this release.

Spanning Sync 2.0 is available from the company’s Web site and costs $65.

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