Creating an ISO image

Reader Forrest Bourke seems lost in the woods in regard to making disk images compatible with Windows. He writes:

How do I make an ISO image?

Create a folder of the stuff you want to put in the image. Launch Disk Utility and choose File -> New -> Disk Image From Folder. In the Select Folder to Image dialog box that appears, select your folder and click Image. In the resulting New Image From Folder dialog box choose DVD/CD Master and None from the Encryption pop-up menu. Save the image to the Desktop.

Open Terminal and type:

cd ~/Desktop
hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o Test.iso Test.cdr

(Change the name of Test.iso and Test.cdr to reflect the actual name of your image.)

Terminal will do its stuff and you'll be presented with a spanking new ISO file from your image.

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