VisualHub developer Techspansion shuts down

Mac software company Techspansion has decided to discontinue development of its applications and close its doors. The news was posted this morning on the front page of the company’s site, where company founder, Tyler Loch, said that he would be shutting down the company for “personal reasons.”

"I've decided (after much soul-searching) to close Techspansion, and take care of the things (and people) in my life that I've been neglecting, along with my physical, mental and emotional health," Loch told Macworld in an e-mail.

Techspansion is best known for creating software for media conversion. It produced VisualHub, an application that lets you convert video files between many different formats; AudialHub, a similar program for audio files; and iSquint, an application that converts video into iPod-friendly formats.

The company’s support forum and e-mail support will continue to be available for the immediate future to take care of any lingering issues.

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