A Vampyre Story adventure game coming in Q4

Virtual Programming will release A Vampyre Story for the Mac in the fourth calendar quarter of 2008. It’s a point-and-click adventure game that follows the story of a vampire who longs to be an opera singer.

Mona De Lafitte has been turned into a vampire by the vampire baron, Shrowdy Von Kiefer. Now trapped in Draxsylvania Castle, she longs to run away to fulfill her dream of singing at the Paris Opera.

A Vampyre Story
A Vampyre Story is a point and click adventure game telling the story of Mona De Lafitte, a vampire who aspires to be an opera singer.

Along the way, Mona learns that she has supernatural abilities and must understand how best to harness them and understand her new vampire nature. She’s aided by Froderick, a mischievous and wisecracking bat, as she solves puzzles and goes on her adventure.

A Vampyre Story has been developed by Autumn Moon Entertainment, a game maker founded by Bill Tiller, whose credits include the famed Monkey Island game series from LucasArts.

Pricing and system requirements are yet to be revealed.

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