ExecutiveSync syncs files in different locations

Smith Micro on Thursday announced the release of ExecutiveSync for the Mac, a new application that helps busy users keep files synchronized between two machines in different locations. It costs $29.99.

ExecutiveSync lets you manage file synchronization using 35 points of reference.
ExecutiveSync lets you indicate two folders, regardless of location (laptop, desktop, backup device or remote server) to synchronize. The software examples 35 different file aspects for each file, updates changes and notifies you of any conflicts. It uses a “time and state” synchronization method to save detailed information about each file.

The software features international support — it synchronizes files with long names and foreign accents — and can archive older deleted versions of files, if you want to keep a version history. Sensitive documents an be securely deleted. It can also be used to synchronize files on Windows and Linux servers.

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