DOTS has glove, touchscreen problem well in hand

It’s fall in New England, the time of year when a young man’s fancy turns to oh my god it’s so cold I can’t feel my fingers. So I guess ‘tis the season to break out the gloves. But then the eternal dilemma arises: with all the newfangled touch-sensitive devices out there, how do you adjust your iPod’s volume or, you know, answer your iPhone when you’re wearing gloves?

Yes, you can pull your gloves off, but that means exposing your sensitive digits to the painful, biting cold. Some of those combination mitten/fingerless gloves aren’t bad, but often they fall short on both accessibility and keeping your hands warm. DOTS aims to solve this problem with their own special gloves, which feature small curved metal dots that let you use your iPhone, iPod, Nintendo DS, or other touchscreen device. And don’t worry: the curved surface prevents them from scratching the screens.

DOTS sells two versions of their gloves, a $15 knit pair and a $20 Ragg Wool pair. Each can be configured with either two metal dots (on thumb and forefinger) or none on one or both gloves, and both varieties are available in Regular and Large sizes. Remember, folks: think of the fingers.

[via Lifehacker]

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