Quark Publishing System supports InDesign

Quark on Monday announced that Quark Publishing System (QPS) is now capable of using both QuarkXPress and its chief rival, Adobe InDesign.

Quark Publishing System is Quark’s publishing workflow software designed for magazines, newspapers and other businesses that need a collaborative publishing system. It helps businesses develop automated routines for handling publishing workflows, from the insertion of text to page layout and printing.

The new Adobe InDesign support is handled through a QPS XTension — a plug-in to QPS. The plug-in automates the routing of projects from either QuarkXPress or InDesign and helps you monitor the status of projects in both programs, according to Quark.

The XTension lets you check in InDesign-created layouts and articles produced using InCopy to QPS; you can assign InCopy articles directly from InDesign layouts. You can view thumbnail previews, list views and project views with attachment information, rag and drop content from Microsoft Word to InDesign, and share the same Word content in both QuarkXPress and InDesign at the same time.

The XTension software is available both for QPS 7.5 and QPS 8.

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