Drone USB Bluetooth adapter debuts

Callpod has introduced the Drone, a Bluetooth VOIP and stereo adapter that plugs into your Mac’s USB port. It costs $49.95.

The Drone
The Drone is shaped like a USB thumbstick.
The Drone is especially designed for users who want to connect a Bluetooth-equipped headset or headphones to their computer for wireless communication using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) client like Skype, or to listen to music and audio over a set of Bluetooth-equipped stereo headphones.

The Drone has built-in software that enables your computer to recognize it as a USB speaker, so audio can be routed to Bluetooth automatically. What’s more, the Drone works at an operating range of up to 100 meters (109 yards). It supports the A2DP (Stereo) Bluetooth profile.

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