GarageGames’ Torque Game Engine Advanced goes beta for Mac

GarageGames has announced the beta release of Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA), a game development tool. It’s available as a free beta to all current licensees.

GarageGames develops game engine technology which it licenses inexpensively to independent developers. It also publishes games. Recently GarageGames introduced InstantAction for Mac, an online game portal that lets players participate in first-person shooters and other action through their Web browser.

TGEA is an advanced game development system created by GarageGames. It features an integrated 3D toolset, procedurally generated shaders, custom materials, dynamically blended terrain, lighting, networking, model animation, and code portability to Xbox 360 and Windows platforms.

The 1.8 open beta is expected to be followed with a full release planned for later this month. TGEA will cost $295 for independent developers, $1,495 for commercial developers.

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