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Despite the plethora of apps out there to help me track to-do items, I find I still use Stickies quite often—sure, I use iCal for tracking my actual to-do items, but I like Stickies for just jotting down quick ideas as they occur during the day. While Stickies has improved over the years, there’s still one fairly major problem with the program: It’s not easy to get your text out of Stickies. There’s a File -> Export Text menu item, but that will only export the text from one Sticky at a time. What if you’ve got 30 or 40 notes, and you’d like to get the text out of all of them?

While there’s no direct “export all” feature in Stickies, there is a fairly simple workaround. First, select File -> Print All Notes. In the Print dialog, click the PDF pop-up menu, then select Save as PDF. In the new window that appears, name your file and pick a save location (and optionally provide values for Title, Author, etc.), then click Save.

This will create a PDF file containing all your notes. You could leave it like this, if you want, but there’s one more step if you want the actual text from the Stickies. Using Preview or Reader, open the PDF file you just created. Now select all (Command-A), copy it to the clipboard (Command-C), switch to a blank TextEdit (or your editor of choice) document, and paste (Command-V). Save the resulting file, and you’ve got a text version of all your Stickies.

While a real export feature would be nice, as workarounds go, this one’s not too much trouble.

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