StarOffice for Mac goes native

At some point, most of you have probably attempted to evade the Microsoft hegemony by rolling with some non-Redmond alternative, like OpenOffice, iWork, AbiWord or, if you're really hardcore, Nisus Writer. (Or if you're really really hardcore, emacs or vi.)

For the low low price of a Jackson, Hamilton and a Lincoln ($35), you can now get the native, full-fledged version of StarOffice 9 for the Mac. Earlier this year, the beta was available--and Derik told us that the price would be $70. Now that StarOffice is half that much, you'd be a fool not to try it.

StarOffice, of course, is based on the same source code as OpenOffice--which is free--but hey, if you still want it, go ahead and grab it here.

If you give it a spin, let us know how it goes.

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