Zenoss Core sysadmin tool adds native Mac OS X installer

Zenoss on Wednesday announced the addition of a native Mac OS X installer to Zenoss Core 2.3, an open-source IT monitoring tool.

Zenos Core helps system administrators and network managers configure and maintain their networks. It sports a configuration management database, manages inventory and change tracking, can automatically discover and add devices and configurations on the network, monitors availability of shared resources, monitors performance, logs events and more.

Erik Dahl, CTO and co-founder of Zenoss, said in a statement that his organization developed the native Mac OS X installer as a response to growing support for the Mac platform among developers and IT operation staff, which was already using Zenoss Core to monitor Macs on their network.

"We wanted to make the entire Zenoss user experience seamless for Apple Macintosh users by also providing a downloadable Mac OS X installer," said Dahl.

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