OmniGraffle 5.1 improves Visio compatibility

The Omni Group has released OmniGraffle 5.1, an update to their diagramming and layout program for Mac OS X. It’s a free update for OmniGraffle 5 users. OmniGraffle 5 is available in basic and professional editions for $99.95 and $199.95, respectively.

OmniGraffle helps you build diagrams, process charts, do quick page layout, Web site mockups and can even work as a graphic design tool. It supports Bézier line controls, stencils, features an outline view, exports to PDF and PICT and much more.

New to the 5.1 release is improved compatibility with Microsoft Visio, thanks to added support for the Enhanced MetaFile graphics format. Other fixes and changes have been made, two new drawing shapes have been added, and the interface has been improved.

OmniGraffle 5 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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