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MacUser is your source for news, info, and opinion about Apple, the Mac, and the iPod. Our dedicated team of bloggers covers everything that is relevant to Mac users—okay, "relevant" may be a bit strong, but it's all fun. MacUser is a production of Mac Publishing, the publishers of Macworld, Mac OS X Hints, and iPhone Central.

Feedback, suggestions, comments, and questions are all welcome at macuser [at] macuser [dot] com.

About the Editors

Dan Moren
Dan Moren, Editor, is also an Associate Editor at Macworld and lead blogger on iPhone Central. He has owned exclusively Macs for his entire life (okay, except for a brief stint when he built a PC in college--look, he was young and needed the money). He lives in Somerville, MA with two roommates, one cat, five iPods, and a slowly encroaching mass of iPod cases. When not writing extensively about all things Apple, he plays a lot of ultimate frisbee, Twitters excessively, and attempts to crush Expert level drums in Rock Band.

Derik DeLong
Derik DeLong, Senior Contributing Editor, fell in love with the Mac the very first day he got to use a Quadra 660av with a copy of Word 5.1 to write his school papers on. That passion has blossomed into a Mac Pro and a 12" Powerbook (as well as countless iPods) that inhabit his Tewksbury, Massachusetts home. His cat doesn't understand it, nor his penchant for softball, the Wii, and good beer, but puts up with it because his software engineering pays for the cat food.

Scott McNulty
Scott McNulty, Senior Contributor, has been blogging about Apple, what he eats, and sundry other topics for longer than is sensible. When he isn't slaving over a hot keyboard Scott co-hosts the Philadelphia based cooking podcast Fork You. You can find out more than anyone needs to know about Scott by checking out his personal blog, following him on Twitter, or looking at his photos on Flickr.

About the Contributors

Aayush Arya
Aayush Arya, Contributor, finally bought a MacBook Pro a couple of years ago and has now become a convert (read fanboy). He also owns a 24-inch iMac and 16GB iPhone, among other Apple gear. While sitting in a park and mulling over the mysteries of life one fine Sunday morning, it occurred to him that he could totally start writing about Apple (it was the "Newton moment", if you will). So here he is, working as a blogger for MacUser, columnist on Apple Matters, and Editorial Director for Smoking Apples. He also likes to pen down his thoughts on a blog and on Twitter on occasion. He hopes to bring a new perspective to his posts as he hails from India, one of the most "Mac-deprived" nations in the world, and be a little informative and entertaining as he goes about doing his job.

David Dahlquist
David Dahlquist, Contributor, embodies the classic tale of a hardcore PC guy crossing over into Apple Fanboydom. Growing up with PCs all his life--even building his own at one point--he finally saw the light when Apple switched to Intel and he concluded that buying a Mac would thus give him all the benefits of both systems, but with a way, way better OS (not to mention sexy design). He's never looked back. When he's not writing for MacUser, he's writing songs and producing music with Logic and Reason, staying in shape at the gym, or kicking back and enjoying the sonic bliss that is an Apogee Duet connected to two KRK V6 monitor speakers. Music geek he is, but don't call him an audiophile; he thinks that's a pompous term.

Cyrus Farivar
When not blogging for MacUser, Contributor Cyrus Farivar can be found mainly on the airwaves, reporting on technology for PRI's The World and National Public Radio. He can also be found amidst the pages of The Economist (although as there are no bylines, you'll just have to take his word for it). Otherwise, chances are good that he can be found chowing down at one of California's delicious taco trucks, or working on his forthcoming book, tentatively titled "The Internet of Elsewhere," (Rutgers University Press, 2009), an examination of the history and effects of the Internet in Senegal, South Korea, Estonia and Iran. He also maintains a personal blog at cyrusfarivar.com.

Aaron Freedman
Aaron Freedman, Contributor, is a 16-year-old blogger from the greatest city in the world (which, for you uncultured types, is New York) who likes to shamelessly plug his website, Flickr page, and Twitter. Due to his apparent lack of any social life, he spends his free time writing about all things Apple for MacUser. He also enjoys using his self-imposed solitude to write the occasional article, rank up his Halo 3 EXP-points, and be a wannabe movie, television, book, and food snob.

Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen
Contributor Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen's parents mostly kept their trusty Power Mac 7300 away from him until he was 13. He's been a devout Mac fan ever since. Thomas lives with his family in Montréal, Canada, making him the official Canadian MacUser correspondent™. When he's not trying--and consistently failing--to have a social life, he writes for MacUser, makes Google lose money by consuming too much YouTube bandwidth, snaps a few photos, occasionally Twitters, and goes outside. What? Of course the last one is true. Sheesh.

Kate Marshall
Kate Marshall, Contributor, bought her first Mac in the halcyon days of 2002, after a school-induced foray into PCs. The sting of having to use a PC in her day job is offset by coming home to her faithful MacBook, "Darth Vader." Also, Kate loves the iPod so much that she wrote her undergraduate thesis about it; for some reason, her college still saw fit to award her a degree. Kate lives in Philadelphia with her MacBook, red iPod nano (the kind that doesn't play video), and more fountain pens than is probably healthy. In addition to writing, Kate also enjoys watching TV, making fun of YouTube videos, pretending her 25th birthday didn't happen, and lamenting the hilly terrain of her neighborhood. Those suffering from sleep deprivation are encouraged to visit her website.

Former MacUser bloggers include: Collin Allen, Brian Chen, Pat Nakajima, Dan Pourhadi, and Scott Silverman.

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