Safari, Google Chrome gain browser market share

Apple’s Safari is among the Web browsers that have gained market share in 2008, according to a new report from research firm OneStat.

Since February 2008, Safari increased its browser market share by 0.24 percent worldwide. That gives Safari a 2.42 percent worldwide market, putting it in third place overall in the browser wars.

Apple follows Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with 81.36 percent market share and Mozilla/Firefox with 14.67 percent market share. Behind Apple in fourth place is Opera (0.55 percent), Google Chrome (0.55 percent) and Netscape (0.32 percent).

Safari’s market share is even better in the United States, rising to 3.95 percent. Canada has the highest rate of Safari users in the world with 7.56 percent of that country accessing the Web with Apple’s Web browser.

Since its introduction Google Chrome has managed a 0.62 percent U.S. market share and 0.92 percent in Canada.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to dominate the browser market with 81.36 percent market share, down from 83.27 percent in February.

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