Windows market share drops under 90 percent, according to Net stats

The analysis firm Net Applications uses a certain set of Web sites to monitor OS and browser usage. Last month, the company did a study finding that the number of Windows machines connecting to those sites dropped by 0.84, putting the figure at 89.6 percent—still a respectable margin, to be sure. However, the company said that this was the largest single drop in Windows usage numbers in the last two years.

Better yet, Windows's loss is Apple's gain. During the same November period, OS X users increased by 0.66 percent to land at 8.9 percent, the third consecutive month that Apple's numbers settled above 8 percent.

In a related study, Net Applications found that the number of people surfing with Internet Explorer fell to 69.8 percent; Firefox ended the month at 20.8 percent, while Safari ended the month at 7.1 percent.

While I'm sure that Apple would like to have greater market share, I'm pleased to see that the company is getting there slowly and steadily, rather than capitulating to the masses. It's really good at creating demand, rather than just doing what everyone else is doing.

[via TG Daily]

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