The Macalope Weekly: Netbooks, Zune phones, and other maladies

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Netbook Opinions Gone Wild!

These days, you can’t swing a shuffle by its headphones without hitting someone with an opinion about whether or not Apple will or should release a netbook.

Rob Enderle says Apple must, but it may be too late (oh, Rob…), Macworld’s own Peter Cohen says he wishes Apple would, and Wired’s Charlie Sorrel says nah gonna happen any time soon.

The Macalope hates to be the bearer of bad tidings, but it looks like Rob’s right. According to PC World, sales of netbooks overtook iPhone sales in the third quarter of this year.

Well, that’s it then. Let’s turn the lights out on the iPhone and…

Wait, what?

Sales of all netbooks overtook just the iPhone? What kind of statistic is that?

Even worse, when you dig a little deeper, you see that Gartner provided the iPhone sales number of 4.7 million. But Apple reported sales of 7 million. Well, Gartner says Apple stuffed the channel with about 2 million units. Maybe they did, but did DisplaySearch, which provided the netbook numbers, take into account any channel-stuffing? It’s hard to tell, but looks like it just says “shipments.”

Sooo, before everyone gets their collective undies in a wad about netbooks destroying Apple…

Well, you should really ask yourself why you’re all wearing the same pair of undies. Because if you’re doing that, you’ve got bigger problems than worrying about Apple’s sales figures. Why don’t you just work on that and wait until January when we see what gets announced at Macworld and what iPhone and MacBook sales actually look like for this quarter?


The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat

You know, not a lot of people realize how hard it is being a mythical Mac pundit. First of all, there’s the reading and research (look at all those links in the previous bit!); then there’s the ups and downs of the news cycle.

Take today for example. The Macalope had bookmarked the rumor that Microsoft would be announcing a Zune phone at CES in January. Can you imagine how exciting that would have been?! Steve Ballmer going up against Steve Jobs?! And almost certainly crashing and burning?! Ooh, it’d be like a second Christmas!

Sadly, it is not to be. The phone-related announcements from Microsoft at CES will be related to Windows Mobile.

Sigh. The crash and burn will just be a fizzle.

Well, maybe the Macalope will just go out to the driveway and blow up some of his old Revell models with firecrackers. It’s the next best thing.

As An Aside, That Kid Ended Up In Juvi

Or, we could watch the Psystar case, which is comical in the same way those fainting goats are.

First, Groklaw tore them a new clone hole (tip o’ the antlers to Adrian Kingsley-Hughes) over their license, which is a copy/paste of Apple’s, except for the fact that Psystar makes it even more restrictive.

Now they’ve changed their suit against Apple to say that the company is abusing its copyright by preventing competition.

You know, the horny one had a classmate back in junior high school who, after everyone else handed their homework in at the beginning of class, would spend the next 50 minutes flipping wildly through his binder claiming “I did it! I know I did it!” only to admit at the end of class that, no, he hadn’t actually done the homework.

The Macalope’s not sure why he’s relating that particular story right now. Maybe the relevance will become clear when the bell rings.

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