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Have you ever thought to yourself that using your pointing device in just two dimensions was a little too limited? After all, here we are living in three perfectly good dimensions; why can’t we use all of them? Cyber Sport apparently had the same question, and so they’ve brought us the wireless Orbita Mouse.

Calling the Orbita Mouse “3D” is a little silly, as the third dimension is actually spinning. That’s right: it spins, just like a merry-go-round. The idea, according to Cyber Sport, is that you can use the spinning for a variety of functions, like media-editing, simulation control, or even zooming and rotating in Google Earth. The spinning is variable speed, allowing you to control the movement more precisely. And, best of all, it’s compatible with Windows and OS X. It also comes with its own USB dock that acts as a charging station and wireless transmitter.

I don’t think this is about to replace the primary pointing device for most people, though. For one thing, it’s going to run about $100 when it’s released next January; for another, if the infamous hockey puck mouse taught us anything, it’s that a circular mouse isn’t nearly as ergonomic as your standard shaped one. The buttons look a little oddly placed as well (the right-mouse button is triggered by squeezing, like with the Mighty Mouse), so I’m not sure how much it’ll really help alleviate repetitve stress injury as Cyber Sport suggests. But, alas, we shall have to wait until we get our grimy paws on it.

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