Zannel releases CityWatch for iPhone

Zannel on Monday released a new application for the iPhone called CityWatch that allows users to post pictures, video and text about what’s going on in their cities.

Adam Zbar, CEO of Zannel, told Macworld that Zannel isn’t about meeting people in your local area, “this is really about what’s happening in your city,” he said.

When a picture or other media is posted on CityWatch, you can also post a short blurb on what’s happening in that location. Other users can then post to the comment, effectively creating a threaded discussion.

CityWatch also connects with FaceBook and Flickr to push updates to both services.

You can look at activities in your own city or go to any other city on the map. Zbar said the company will add keyword and topic searching in a future version.

Zannel is a free application that can be downloaded from the App Store.

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