A literally buggy MacBook Pro

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I’ve run into my fair share of computer bugs from time to time: kernel panics, blue screens of death, even corrupt RAM. But I’m not sure that I’ve ever run into computer bugs (though, if you’re a student of computer history, you’ll know that the first documented computer “bug” was in fact a moth stuck in Harvard’s Mark II).

Sixty years later and apparently they haven’t quite worked those bugs out yet. That’s what Mac user Sam discovered when he sent his MacBook Pro in to Apple to be repaired. Turns out somehow a few ladybugs had found their way into the notebook, where they were chilling out on the logic board. Odd. But what’s odder still is Apple Care at first tried to claim that Sam must have put the ladybugs there himself. I mean, how else could they have gotten there, right?

Wait, what? Yes, I often put ladybugs inside my computer. Feed ‘em right through the optical drive there. That way I always have friends with me, wherever I go. And man, does it ever scare the crap out of people when ladybugs start flying out of my laptop.

Fortunately, after a further email exchange, Apple recanted and agreed to send Sam a new computer (due in part to the fact that they apparently also wiped his hard drive without his permission). Good on Apple for making the right move in the end, but I’m a little worried this might lead to a habit of people putting bugs in their computer when they want them replaced.

Don’t do it. Really. No. Bad idea.

Well, at least back up your data first.

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