X-Plane Helicopter, X-Plane Airliner released for iPhone

Laminar Research has released two new variations of its X-Plane flight simulator for the iPhone and iPod touch; X-Plane Airliner and X-Plane Helicopter. Each are available for $4.99 from the App Store.

lets you take to the skies in one of four different jumbo jets. You can fly a Boeing 777, 747 or 787, or take the controls of an Airbus A-380. The new release of X-Plane for the iPhone simulates the long-range instrument-capable flying common to those jets. The software provides control of throttle, flaps, speed brakes and trim, and incorporates a full Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). You can fly between 42 NAVAIDs and 98 airports spread over 60 x 180 miles of terrain, considerably more than the “regular” version of X-Plane for the iPhone.

X-Plane Helicopter simulates flight in the Robinson R-22, a lightweight training ‘copter; the Bell-206, a turbine-powered helicopter commonly used in commercial operations; the BlackHawk, a large military cargo and troop chopper; and the Sea King, a land and sea rescue helicopter. X-Plane Helicopter lets you navigate around the United States’ Grand Canyon territory; you can fly helicopters through canyons and valleys.

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