iPhone game roundup: Aim for the Brain, Flying Aces

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Aim for the Brain

Hunt zombies in Aim for the Brain, a $2.99 game from Westlake Interactive. You combat 20 unique zombie enemies, avoiding civilian casualties and facing off against super zombies. You can choose between three levels of play, getting higher scores with multipliers and bonuses for accuracy.

Flying Aces

bills itself as "the first true dogfight Combat Flight Simulation" for the iPhone and iPod touch. It puts you behind the controls of an F-15 Eagle as you take to the skies over the Persian Gulf, flying head-to-head against enemy warplanes. It costs $7.99.


Slogorado is a 99-cent trivia game that tests your knowledge of popular brand slogans. Know what candy "melts in your mouth, not in your hands?" Have an idea of what famous fast food brand sings the "I'm lovin' it" jingle? Test your knowledge of more than 500 famous US brand slogans. The game also features a German mode that pits your skill against 500 German ad slogans, too.

Toy Bot Diaries 3

Iugo Entertainment has released Toy Bot Diaries III, the latest iteration of their game series for the iPhone and iPod touch. It costs $3.99. The game uses the iPhone's touch screen and accelerometer to help you navigate an intrepid robot through a series of obstacles and pitfalls.


Charades is an assistant to help you play the famous parlor game. For $1.99, this app will help you think of films, books or songs—more than 900 Charades to choose from. The software also includes Wikipedia links to every charade.

Moo Shake

A simple game for kids, Moo Shake lets you move anima heads, bodies and feet to create weird animal combinations, all accompanied by appropriate animal sounds. You can play against the clock, too. It costs 99 cents.


Originally developed for the Wii, Pop lets you pop bubbles, build chains and try to keep the timer alive. It's a puzzle game/shooter combination that includes five modes, badge rewards, bonus rounds and more. It costs $4.99.

Reversi Sister

Reversi Sister is a $2.99 Reversi game that features Riko-chan, an anime-inspired character. It features computer-based gameplay, two game modes, three voice modes, and other special features.


Wordsworth is a 99-cent word puzzle game in which you link tiles containing lettersto create words. The longer the word and the rarer the letters, the more points. You can shake your iPhone or iPod touch to scramble letters and customize the game to suit your level of play.

Jumble Xmas

Jumble Xmas is a 99-cent Christmas-themed game in which you must assemble columns and towers of Christmas-themed objects without letting them topple over. The game features 11 new levels.

The Spirit

Frank Miller's (Sin City, 300) new movie The Spirit opens in theaters on Christmas, and to get people into "The Spirit," the studio has released a free promo application. It's not exactly a game as much as a software toy that lets you upload a photo of your face, shake the iPhone and star in scenes from the movie.

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