iTGB iPhone game engine yields big performance gains

GarageGames has announced the release of iTGB 1.1, an update to their 2D game development library for the iPhone. A free update for registered users, iTGB costs $500 for indie developers or $1,000 for commercial developers.

iTGB — a version of GarageGames’ Torque Game Builder Software Development Kit (SDK) specifically optimized for the development of 2D games for the iPhone platform — is middleware licensed to game developers who want to create games for the iPhone but who don’t want to have to create their own development tools from scratch. The SDK features an integrated level editor, physics modeling and collision detection, particle effects features support for scripting through TorqueScript, GarageGames’ own scripting language.

Improvements to iTGB 1.1 include texture compression using iPhone-native PowerVR libraries. The update also yields performance increases of up to 300 percent thanks to code optimizations.

In related news, GarageGames notes that more than 100 companies have licensed iTGB for development of their own iPhone games.

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