Audioengine W2 wireless adapter debuts for iPod

Audioengine has introduced its W2 Premium Wireless Adapter for the iPod. It costs $169 and is available now.

Audioengine W2
The Audioengine W2 (AW2) includes a digital “Sender” that connects to the iPod’s 30-pin dock connector. A receiver attaches to your stereo or home entertainment system and streams audio from the iPod. This way, you use the iPod as a wireless remote, selecting songs, albums, artists and playlists using the iPod’s interface.

The device uses 2.4MHz radio waves to communicate, sending audio information in an all-digital PCM-encoded stream over a closed network. The AW2 features error correction and low latency, to make sure the music gets to your entertainment system without dropping out and without any lag. It is also protected from interference with other wireless products and microwave ovens, cordless phones and other devices. The Sender — the part that plugs into the iPod — draws its power from the iPod, so no additional batteries or charging source is necessary.

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