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We had our say last week, rattling off our favorite iPhone and iPod touch apps. We listed 38 apps in all that had caught our eye in the six months since the App Store opened its doors. Of course, that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the more than 10,000 apps currently available at the App Store. Surely, some great iPhone and iPod touch programs fell through the cracks.

Well, not to worry—because iPhone Central readers stepped up to fill in some of the gaps by listing their own favorite App Store selections.

We’re reprinting just a smattering below to give you a more complete picture of all the choices available to you in the App Store. And if you’ve got a favorite that’s still not on the list, be sure to share it in our reader forum via the link at the end of the article.

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Readers thought our list of 10 favorite iPhone games had some notable omissions.

“I would like to see a category like ‘made for iPhone’—for original iPhone games that are not just ports, but have been designed exclusively. So far (for me) these are clear nominees: Fieldrunners (Tower Defense), Trism (Puzzle), Ivory Tiles (most beautiful tilt puzzle ever), Deep Green (only iPhone chess game with decent ergonomics and great beauty) and certainly Rolando .”—dreyfus

“I’m still addicted to TapDefense . Great little time killer.”—flybynight

Frenzic is the No. 1 game by far. I can’t see how the others even come close. Frenzic is easy to learn, difficult to master and more addictive than crack. When I feel the need to abuse the glass on my touch, my tool of choice is Frenzic.”—bugsnw

Productivity, communication, and information apps

Our list of favorite iPhone apps included tools to boost your productivity, help you stay in touch, and stay informed. But readers noticed a few missing apps.

BeejiveIM gets my vote, although it’s not free. Multi-protocol chat client with support for Push messaging (kinda). You stay logged in on their servers, but get mailed if you get a message.”—foehammer

“I paid for the premium Twitterrific, but I use Twitterfon now instead. Blazingly fast, thanks to Twitterfon’s caching of images. With Twitterfon, all images come up instantly when you open it.”—Walt_Basil

“The best to-do list manager category ought to have honored the best GTD app in addition to the best basic one. OmniFocus is far more powerful and useful than Things—even if you’re not using a full GTD approach. Apparently Apple agrees, since OmniFocus won the Apple Design Award for best productivity tool.”—Stormchild

Air Sharing does an excellent job of allowing me to carry files I need and then transfer them pretty neatly.”—cellodad

“Used SportsTap, felt it was so-so and then got Sportacular . Much faster, you can save your favorite teams, schedules, standings, etc. Much, much better. Second vote for Vlingo —great voice dialer and great Map and Google search functionality.”—Olu

Creative and entertainment apps

Google Earth
Readers suggested adding the following to our list of top creative tools and entertainment apps.

“I prefer AOL Radio because it is free and I get some local Los Angeles radio stations along with some of the HD Radio feeds. I can use the same app on the Mac and stream the music to my AirPort Express.”—hillstones

“Despite its format limitations, Stanza is my favorite app… If all you want to do is read a document without formatting, it’s a winner.”—nwatts

“Best utility: Google Earth (amazing that I can see the world from my phone). Best icebreaker: iMartini (looks great at a bar, and spanks the pants off the hokey iBeer app). Best time waster: Colors! (I am no artist but love making pretty paintings in this app).”—arbuckle

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